Barron Services, LLC

The Watershield Premier

The Watershield Premier saves you money and is more environmentally friendly by using Proportional Brining with the added efficiency of Countercurrent Regeneration.

The Watershield Premier maintains and ongoing 62 day history of your water usage, and knows what your water pattern usage is on each day of the week. The advanced Proportional Brining capability calculates when an upcoming demand day will surpass the system's capacity, and then regenerates only that percentage of the tank which needs regenerating. The result is less water and less salt being used compared to conventional systems, and less chloride discharge being sent out ot drain.

The typical water conditioner uses a downflow design that does not fully regenerate the media bed. The Watershield Premier utilizes the "bottom up flow" design of Countercurrent Regeneration. With this system, water leaving the tank passes through the most highly conditioning solution. Better efficiency means less regenerations and less demand for salt and water.